Museo del Prado VR

Virtual reality cultural experience 

In the UX/UI Bootcamp in Neoland, one of the challenges consisted in creating a virtual reality experience for "Museo del Prado" in Madrid.

After the research phase which included visits to museums, an online survey and an interview with a VR expert, the result was a virtual visit made possible using the 360º browser or the VR glasses and a mobile. From the museum's homepage, the user could access the virtual visit and then invited to purchase real tickets.

sketch museo

The virtual visit made by a potential visitor had to be easy and accessible, that is why a default tour with the most important art pieces would be recommended. For a more personalized tour, the Search feature would enable a search by theme, artist, country of origin or art movement.

The Location feature shows the geolocation of the user in the museum, being able to move directly from one room to another.

The interaction used in the prototype is the gaze input, in which the user has to stare two seconds to select.

flow vr